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The Ants, the Bees, the Spiders with Knees

 'No More Biting!'


My second book, 'No More Biting!', is about a mosquito who must learn not to bite if she wants to make friends.

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My first book, The Ants, the Bees, the Spiders with Knees is about all the bugs waking up after a long winter's nap and preparing for spring.



I'll turn your family portrait into a cute 'ant'icature.

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Custom Artwork    

Custom Artwork

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 I'm Deb, a painter and cartoonist residing in Canada.


I can create custom paintings and cartoons for you based on your photos and descriptions. Anything from pets and vacations to special memories can be made into personalized and unique artwork.


All of my artwork is created freehand with the utmost care and attention taken in all commissions. I will be in touch with you throughout the process to ensure you are happy along the way. 

Contact me if you would like a custom piece of artwork.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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