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Ants by Deb
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A little bit about myself...

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Now Available!

My third book,
the Unknown Beetle'

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Find out what happens when Phil finds an unusual little town with silly rules and a grumpy mayor.

Reading is fun! Bugs are fun!

My first book “The Ants, the Bees, the Spiders with Knees” which I wrote and illustrated, was inspired after being the artist in residence at the Ingersoll Public Library. My ‘bugs’ were featured in the summer reading program “The Natural World’ which included the 14 branches of the Oxford County Library. Since then, I've written and illustrated a second book, 'No More Biting', which follows along on the adventures of the bugs and has a lesson to teach about friendship.

My third book is now available! Click here to order: 


The Ants, the Bees, the Spiders

with Knees

The bugs are waking up after a long winter's nap and must now prepare for spring. 

'No More Biting!'

Poor Maudie. Maybe if she learned not to bite, she'd have some friends. Find out what she learns in this fun children's book.

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Did you know???

Dragonflies have been around for over

300 million years? That's a very, very long time!


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About me...

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When it comes to art, I have two creative sides… one serious and one fun. My serious side includes paintings of landscapes, historical sites and seascapes as well as pet portraits and classic cars, either painted in acrylic or digitally. Seascapes especially intrigue me and I learn new techniques with each one I create. Listening to audios of crashing waves or a symphony of seagulls puts me into the scene I’m painting and ignites my imagination.

I also love to draw cartoons, which is my fun side. ‘Ants’ are one of my creations and can be found in numerous, comical situations. They are drawn digitally, sometimes with photo backgrounds. My bug cartoons are also featured in three children’s books which I wrote, illustrated and published. 


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